When Tech Meets Travel: 3 Tech-Inspired Travel Bags

February 27, 2022

Fish and chips. Punch and Judy. Bags and technology? Some things just go together! As technology tends to go everywhere these days, travel-inspired bags are the perfect platform for smart design and cool tech features. In fact, today, we see an entire and wide-ranging industry of “smart luggage” being offered. Here, we highlight three tech-inspired travel bags to help you capitalise on the travel and tech trend.

1. Charging on the Go

There’s no shortage of unique products with charging technology. We see a plethora of wireless chargers, portable docking stations, even a wireless charging bamboo side table. It’s no surprise, then, that luggage brands have tapped into the trend to offer bags capable of charging phones and other mobile devices. We see countless creative renditions of this; the only limitation, really, is reminding users to keep it charged!

Consider creating your own! Built-in chargers will help your customers or your staff stay connected, wherever they are. This is an especially great idea if you’re in the travel or hospitality industry, or if you work with remote employees and vendors. We can help you design the perfect branded bag with a fully integrated charger, or even a solar-powered option for environmentally-conscious consumers. 

Our Alexander Backpack for example, offers a sleek design and a built-in 10W solar panel charger. A bag like this would be a perfect addition to your high-end retail offerings, or as a memorable gift for your VIP customers. This bag itself can be recharged using direct sunlight, for easy charging-on-the-go while traveling.

tech-inspired travel bags

2. Dude, Where’s My Luggage? Try a Trackable Bag

One of biggest headaches for travellers is the all-too-common lost-luggage scenario. Our bags don’t always end up where we do. Help your customers prevent this from happening – or recover their bags quicker – with a trackable bag. We see many such new trackable bags on the market, with various designs and capabilities. Some can even alert users via text if the bag moves too far from you, or is opened unexpectedly. 

One company, Knomo (clever name), offers bags to “help people defy monotony and break the routine” including this durable, distinctive, unisex trackable Cromwell backpack. Note that it’s fully waterproof with a padded back and straps and large capacity, perfect for the frequent traveler. Users register the unique Knomo ID from inside the bag to get connected. It also works with retrieval; if a good Samaritan happens to locate the lost luggage, they can easily contact Knomo with the ID code to help return it to the rightful owner. “Happy days for everyone,” says the Knomo website. 

Cromwell Mens 14" Roll-Top Laptop Backpack - Grey | KNOMO

3. Ace the Airport Security Line with a TSA-Friendly Travel Bag  

Another common travel woe is airport security. Especially for frequent travelers, it can be hard to keep up with airport security and TSA restrictions when it comes to the size of your bag and carry-on items. Help your customers or staff alleviate this burden with an approved, TSA-friendly bag. 

One idea is this customisable, 17” Bo airport security-friendly laptop backpack. It’s ideal for work travel with a special laptop compartment that unfolds to lay flat on scanning belts. It will have your customers whizzing through security like pros; talk about a great moment to have your brand or logo on clear display.

tech-inspired travel bags

Tech-friendly travel bags are tops with celebrities, too. Travel and Leisure recently shared Meghan Markle’s “Favourite Travel Items”, which includes this Stow First Class Leather Tech Case. In what other ways can tech meet travel? Maybe you have an entirely new product idea. We’d love to hear more about your vision and collaborate on the perfect smart bag for your customers and your staff.