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Our Top-Selling Promotional Bags & Why People Love Them

July 19, 2019

Promotional bags pack a big punch in championing your brand’s message. In every season and across nearly every industry, customised bags have proven to be a sure-fire, low-cost way to raise the visibility of your brand and logo. Bags are also making quite the fashion splash too, as a coveted yet functional accessory. Right now could not be a better time to get started with promotional bags for your business. With a whole host of options to choose from, we hone in on our top selling bags that customers can’t get enough of, and include some tips on how your brand can benefit from their ubiquitous appeal.

Tote Bags: Low-cost, Versatile, Functional and Fashionable

What is it? Tote bags have long, sturdy handles which make them ideal for shopping and carrying over the shoulder. Tote bags are available in a huge range of materials, styles, sizes and colours. Because there is such a range of options, you’re sure to find the perfect tote bag for your budget, goals and campaign.

One reason tote bags are such a perennial favourite is that they are relatively low in cost to produce. They also offer a large print area for your logo or message. Today’s totes incorporate high-quality materials that are both lightweight yet strong, so your customers will have long-lasting bags that they’re proud to use over and over again. Just think about all that exposure! 

Tote bags are also very fashionable right now. In fact, we read a recent article in Rank & Style about tote bags being today’s must-have accessory. Your customers can use your spacious, durable tote bag to juggle everything they need from morning to office to home. And keep it fashion!

Backpacks: Loved and Loyally Used by All Ages

What is it? Backpacks are classic bags that appeal to a large audience, loved and loyally used by both children and adults, across all market sectors. They typically feature two shoulder straps and can range in size from trendy “mini-backpacks” to large, utility backpacks. We’ve worked with a wide range of people on customised backpacks, from schools and clubs to banks and blue-chip corporates. 

Backpacks offer great durability and functionality, which makes them a great choice to showcase your logo or message as they get used and seen by many different people in various locations. For example, here’s our Classic Backpack (below). It has two large and useful pockets on the sides with Velcro closures. It also has padded shoulder straps, making it incredibly comfortable to wear, even when filled with heavy or bulky items. 

Another popular take is the rucksack, which is akin to a smaller, simpler backpack. One popular option is this Campster Rucksack. We read a recent BBC story about a woman whose husband spent more than £100 on a Scandinavian rucksack. While we don’t suggest you pay this much for a rucksack, the story does suggest a trend in which more men are opting to carry rucksacks and other bag accessories. That only bodes well for your business!

Laptop Bags: Help your Customers Protect their Equipment

What is it? Laptop bags offer a combination of style, comfort and protection for your laptop, netbook or tablet. As with most of our bags, we offer a wide range of materials and colours to suit your image and budget. For example, one tried-and-true option is our Oklahoma Laptop Bag. It has just the right number of features to make it functional yet sleek, including a front zip pocket, large zipped padded compartment with Velcro, two small carry straps, and a large adjustable shoulder strap, suitable for a 14″ laptop. And look at all that room for your logo or message! 

Other features to consider in a laptop bag are side water bottle pockets, padded shoulder straps for improved comfort and fit, dual handles and even a trolley sleeve on the back for easier commuting!

Laptop bags make a great item to gift to employees – we have a few customers who include custom laptop bags in welcome packs for new employees. What a great way to make new team members feel appreciated and boost office morale! Plus, when your employee is proud to use the laptops bag inside and outside of the office, it helps extend brand awareness. 

Business Cases: The Perfect Palette for Event Giveaways

What is it? Business cases are practical and professional bags that are often gifted to prospective clients or used as a giveaway at a conference. These are typically lower in cost than laptop bags as they feature fewer pockets and less or no padding. 

One popular business case is our Orlando Conference Bag, a polyester business case with a carry handle, zip closure, and pen loops on the outside and inside of the bag. This one is suitable to carry A4 size paper; a perfect bag for conference goers to collect and carry all of their materials! Other versions, like our Anchorage Conference Bag, have additional options, like an adjustable shoulder strap and buckle closure flap. 

Shopper Bags: Give a Little Green

What is it? Last but not least are shopper bags. Shopper bags are a consistent best seller because of their low-cost and versatility. They come in a range of styles and materials, from small paper shoppers to larger shopper bags made from synthetic or natural materials. And don’t let their name fool you. Today, we see shopper bags well beyond the shopping market, from the beach to the gym to the trolley. 

Shopper bags are also having a huge moment right now, as they’re a tremendous eco-friendly option to replace damaging single-use plastic bags. Social responsibility is a necessity for today’s businesses; recycled and natural shopper bags will help your company reduce impact on the environment while extending positive public relations. One particularly hot item is our Emily Long-Handled Shopper Bag. This brilliant bag combines a budget-friendly price with a huge branding area to promote your company’s green credentials. It’s made from recyclable material and features an eco-friendly side tab.

While we could go on and on about our top-selling promotional bags, we hope this post gives you some ideas and direction for your own business. No matter your company, budget or goal, we’d venture to guess that we have the perfect bag for you. And if we don’t, we’ll make it!

Please get in touch with our friendly experts today to talk about your ideas and goals and get started together on your next promotional bag.