The Return of the Bum Bag

July 23, 2019

Believe it or not, the 90s are back. Or at least they are when it comes to fashion accessories and the valiant return of the classic bum bag! Thinking about the heyday of the bum bag a few decades ago might conjure up an image like below, but today’s take is a welcome refresh on the iconic bag. We’re seeing sleek, sophisticated and modern bum bags on runways and in the streets. Aspiring bag designers take note! In this post, we share a few ideas to capitalise on the trend and design your own of-the-moment bum bag.

Credit: Daily Mail

Make it modern.

Fashion is cyclical. Every so often, we see the resurgence of past trends on fashion runways and in street style. (Think turtlenecks, overalls, denim jackets and accessories like fringe and lace, the list goes on.) But these trends rarely repeat themselves in exactly the same way – usually, there’s a new twist or take on an old favourite, a way to make something old new again. With bum bags, we’re seeing sleek, modern twists that catapult the bag from the 90s to 2019.  

For example, we love this simple, modern version from COS, made from smooth leather with raw-cut edges. This one has a detachable belt and a classic metal buckle. For your own design, focus on clean lines, bold solid colours and experiment with interesting materials like leather.

We like to imagine that if bum bags had a personality, they’d be a fun-loving, cheeky younger relative that’s constantly cracking jokes. They certainly wouldn’t take themselves too seriously, so your design shouldn’t either! Consider a vibrant palette or bold colour combinations. Try interesting patterns like animal print, paisley or stripes. Or experiment with fun enhancements like feathers, fringe, lace or mesh. You can also incorporate eye-catching components like chains, sequins, embroidery and patches. These style decisions are a great way to take advantage of other fashion trends and create an entirely unique bag for everyday use or for a particular purpose or season. 

We love this leopard print suede bum bag from & Other Stories. It has an adjustable chain so that it can be worn around the hips, waist or across the body. 

Keep it small.

The bum bags of the 90s were big and bulky. Today, we’re seeing a trend toward sleeker bags and smaller sizes. Opting for a more compact bag will also extend elegance to your bum bag – now there’s an adjective we didn’t expect to associate with the bum bag! In fact, one idea is to create a miniature version of the bum bag that doubles as a coin purse rather than a bulky bag. 

We love this design from Need Supply Co. The bags are sold as a set, and each bag has a loop that strings onto the belt. They’re made of leather with tonal topstitching, antique brass hardware and logo detailing.

While we are bag experts, don’t just take it from us! An article in the Independent calls the bum bag the must-have accessory of the moment, a trend spotted on celebrities from Chance the Rapper to Kendall Jenner. Leading fashion magazine Vogue even wrote about the top bum bags to buy right now. Don’t forget about menswear, too. We’ve seen entire lines of sleek and sporty bum bags designed for men. You could also consider a youthful version for kids to carry. 

Belt bag, fanny pack, bum bag. No matter what you call it, they’re back! Whether you’re an avid bag designer or aspiring to become one, now is a great time to capitalise on the bum bag trend with your own personal take. 

Or perhaps your business or organisation is interested in a bespoke bag for an event or campaign. Consider a personalised and handy bum bag with your logo or message, which will lend an instant cool factor to your company and help your business gain greater exposure.

We’d love to hear more about your ideas for how to reinvigorate this iconic bag. Please get in touch with us today!