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5 Eco-Friendly Bags to Promote your Brand

August 6, 2019

While bag trends vary from season to season, one emerging style is here to stay: eco-conscious bags. More than ever before, people are aware of the damages posed by single use bags or those made from non-environmentally friendly materials. The statistics are striking. For example, did you know that nearly two million single-use bags are distributed across the globe every minute? Further, the amount of plastic produced in a year is roughly the same as the entire weight of humanity

As such, eco-conscious consumers are increasingly demanding goods that are made from environmentally friendly materials and manufactured in sustainable and fair ways. Forward-thinking companies are looking for promotional bags that fit this fill. But many of you may be unsure what eco-conscious bag options exist. In this post, we present five popular bag options in a range of price ranges that are sure to appeal to your eco-conscious customers and staff.

Five Eco-Friendly Promotional Bags

The Cotton Shopper

First up is a practical, popular and versatile cotton shopping bag. This bag offers a great way to help your customers reduce waste while proudly showcasing your brand and message at the same time. The shopper offers a tremendous amount of real estate and exposure at a cost-effective price point, making this a perfect choice if you want a giveaway or gift bag. Our customers have successfully used these eco-conscious cotton shopper bags for trade shows, events, product launches, client gifts and so much more!

Eco Long Handle Shopper

A second popular style is the eco long handle shopper. This particular model is made from natural coloured cotton. Another benefit to this and other reusable, eco-conscious bags is better overall branding. A Forbes article suggests that one beneficial side effect of companies creating eco-friendly reusable bags is longevity of use. Unlike disposable bags which provide “fleeting branding moments”, reusable bags, and your messaging, will last much, much longer. This can even span into months and years for your timeless, durable and eco-conscious promotional bags.

Jute Shopper

Have you heard of “jute” material? It’s a long shiny vegetable fiber that’s produced from plants. The fiber is spun into coarse and strong threads that can be used for various products and applications, and the natural jute fibers are biodegradable. 

Not surprisingly, jute bags, like this classic Jute Shopper, with a large branding area and two short carry handles, are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. They’re also different enough from standard cotton bags to draw attention and elicit, “where did you get that bag” reactions! If you need a unique promotional bag that will stand up to serious use day after day, perhaps for a commuter or shopper bag, then a jute bag might be the perfect choice.

If you’re still unsure about eco-friendly promotional bags for your business, rest assured that you’ll be in good company! Major retailers, like Marks & Spencer, are also pushing the trend forward. This winter, M&S launched its own eco-friendly shopping bag that is made from 75 percent plastic that was collected and recycled by Plastic Bank, an enterprise that encourages people in Haiti and the Philippines to collect and recycle waste in return for wages. 

Chatham Mini Gift Bag

Another clever take on eco-conscious promotional bags is to think small! We create a lot of small, environmentally friendly gift bags for company events or special occasions. Our popular Chatham Mini Gift Bag, for example, is made from recycled 70 GSM non-woven polypropylene, in a stunning range of bright colors. These are a great item to keep in stock at your company for those unplanned occasions when you’d like to welcome a new customer, celebrate a staff member’s birthday or just reward your team for a job well done.

Don’t forget, eco-conscious bags can also be fashion-forward bags! We read about a few winter handbag trends, including a focus on bright, rainbow-coloured bags. If you’d like to design a vibrant, candy-coloured bag, you’re in luck! At Rocket Bags, we have a plethora of colours and materials to choose from, from these mini gift bags to many other styles. 

Rainham Show Bag

Do you host or attend events and large meetings? An eco-conscious show bag is a welcome touch and will help you differentiate your business and merchandise from others. These bags can be branded with your corporate logo or the name of the event and given away to attendees or visitors to your booth. You could also fill them with other merchandise and offer them to people who provide their contact information or inquire about your product or service. 

One popular model is our Freedom Show Bag, which is made from partly recycled REACH-compliant 10 GSM non-woven polypropylene. The larger size is perfect for collecting event materials and the convenient strap makes it easy for people to tote the bag around the event as well as after it ends, ensuring even more exposure for your business. It’s available in both classic black as well as a range of bright colors, perfect for the trend toward rainbow coloured accessories!

One last thing to note is that eco-friendly bags can generate a little profit, too! If you don’t intend to give your bags away, you can also sell them at events, retail locations or online. The M&S bags we mentioned above, for example, sell for £1.30 at UK stores. 

What type of bag will work for you and your savvy, eco-conscious customers? We have even more recycled, sustainable and fair-trade options available and are ready to help you pick the perfect product for a positive impact on our environment. Please get in touch with us today!