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6 Reusable Shoppers to Reduce Plastic Pollution

August 20, 2019

People today are increasingly looking to do their part to combat waste and make eco-conscious decisions about the products and services they use.  More than ever before, people are aware of the damages posed by common, single use plastic bags. 

In fact, last year, Great Britain’s Royal Statistical Society focused on plastic for its “statistic of the year”, noting that only nine percent of all plastic made ever gets recycled. Forward-thinking companies are seeking special promotional products to meet this demand for environmentally friendly and functional items that are made in sustainable and fair ways. Reusable shoppers are a great way to help your customers reduce their impact on the planet while promoting your brand. Here, we look at some of our top-selling reusable shopper bags.

Why Reusable Shoppers?

When you picture a reusable shopper, you might conjure up a tired image of a classic shopper bag. But today, reusable shoppers come in a plethora of styles, materials, shapes and embellishments to meet even the most discerning tastes. This variety affords businesses an opportunity to design the perfect customised shoppers for all types of campaigns. Further, shoppers are highly functional and durable, making them a perfect platform to extend the visibility of your brand for years to come.

Corporates and charities alike are creating bags for giveaway campaigns or as part of social media contests to engage more customers and supporters. Some companies sell reusable shoppers online and at retail locations; they also plan creative, guerilla-style campaigns to give branded bags away on the high street. You could distribute shoppers at trade shows or at athletic events like marathons and charity rides. The opportunities really are endless and often the most challenging part of creating a reusable shopper is deciding which of the many options to go with.

Shopping Bag in Pouch

Our Shopping Bag in Pouch is a great choice for guerilla-style campaigns to distribute free branded bags to people at events, stores or in the high street. The foldable shopper comes complete in its own handy pouch. It’s lightweight, easy to distribute and can be produced at a low cost for your next giveaway campaign. 

Foldable Shopping Bag

Another fun choice to help your customers reduce plastic pollution is our foldable shopping bag, which is made from nonwoven material with a plastic closing buckle on the front. It can come folded or unfolded and is available in a wide range of vibrant colours, sure to get your brand noticed when carried out and about!

Eliss Foldable Shopper

Our Foldable Cotton Bag is made from polyester and conveniently folds into the side pouch of the bag and seals with a zipper. One thing to keep in mind when selecting a reusable shopper is how your target audience intends to use the bag. The handy size of the Foldable Cotton Bag is a great choice to sell at retail point of sale location for people who need an extra bag to carry items home.

Quality Groceries Bag

Here is where you start to see some of the diversity of our shoppers. This Cooler Bag is made from polyester material with a large fully zipped compartment, aluminum frame and foam grip handles. It’s lightweight but large enough for a full family picnic! The bag would be a great choice for warm weather events like a corporate retreat, family reunions or athletic event. You’ll help your customers forgo plastic bags with a unique branded basket they can pack with goodies for the beach or the park, all summer long.

Shopping Trolley Bag

Our Shopping Trolley Bag is a great choice for your city customers or urban-based campaigns. Less people utilise cars in these areas, but they all still need a convenient way to get to and from the store with heavy items. The 25-litre shopping trolley bag is a great way to give your customers an environmentally friendly option for these shopping trips. Your customers can forgo all the plastic bags, they’ll have an easier time getting their goods home and with large and clear space for your brand, you’ll be getting your message out with every trip to the market.

And don’t just take our word for it! In addition to helping your customers reduce plastic pollution, shoppers are in style! Vogue recently published a list of bag trends, one of which is oversized, functional “super totes” to hold everything someone needs from morning to night to the gym or for carrying newborn supplies. 

What shopper style speaks to you? Or would you like to put together a style that is totally unique? We can help you add your logo and messaging to dozens of options, or we can help you tailor-make a brand-new shopper design, from scratch. We can help you help your customers to reduce plastic pollution, something that will benefit us all!