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7 Custom Gym Bags to Train in Style

August 30, 2019

Exercise is everywhere these days! The fitness and wellness market in the UK is growing steadily, estimated to reach more than £22 billion by 2020. Further, according to a 2018 fitness industry report, we have more gyms and members than ever before. One in seven people is a member of a gym! 

Given these trends, companies that gift or sell custom gym bags will find an eager and growing audience that is sure to appreciate such a functional item. Whether you give bags away at a conference or add them to your product line, there are plenty of options for selecting the perfect bag, including size, style, weight, cost and durability. In this post, we share some of our top-selling bags that are perfect for your active gym-goers.

Track Sport Duffle

First up is our Track Sport Duffle, which features a large zipped main compartment to help your customers hold all of their gym gear or overnight necessities. A nice feature is the zipped front pocket, which allows easy-access storage. The Track Sport Duffle measures 520x320x200cm and includes useful features like ripstop accents, an adjustable shoulder strap and grab handles. One consideration to keep in mind when selecting a custom gym bag is the print area. How much space would you like for your brand or message? This bag, for example, offers a large print area of 160x140cm.

Half Dome Duffle

The exclusive Half Dome Duffle offers a unique shape, which will help your gym bag stand apart from others. This popular bag is 430x300x240cm and has a front zipped pocket, side handle, adjustable shoulder strap and print area of 80x70cm. One tip for selecting your next custom gym bag is to consider your budget and choose a bag based on quantity and cost. If you have a limited budget or are planning to give your bag away at an event, look for a more classic, economical gym bag. But, if you have the budget or intend to sell your bag, look for a bag like the Half Dome Duffle (which ranges in cost from £30 to £27.50 or less) to help your customers train in top-notch style!

Milton Sports Bag

Another popular higher-end option is our Milton Sports Bag. One special feature of this bag is a vented shoe compartment to keep your customers’ gym shoes separated from clothing and other items – a perfect product to pitch to busy people who hit the gym before or after work. The Milton Sports Bag also offers an adjustable strap, easy-access pocket and zipped compartment with two inner pockets, great for storing phones and chargers. It’s roomy, too, with product dimensions of 410x255x250 cm and a large print area of 170x90cm. At a range of approximately £32 to £29, this would be a great bag to sell alongside your other special branded merchandise or at an upcoming conference. 

Tunstall Hold All

The Tunstall Hold All name says it all: it can hold it all! We get many orders for this bag for its durability and versatility. The Tunstall model is made from REACH compliant, two-tone polyester with dependable neoprene handles to help your customers train in style and reliability. It’s 57x25x25cm and ranges in cost from around £10.88 to £10.18 and offers a 12x8cm print area on the front.

Energy Duffle Bag

Looking for an all-around classic bag? Then look no further than our Energy Duffle Bag. It’s one of our more popular bags given its lower price print (approximately £7.60 to £6.65 depending on design and quantity), roomy size (432x280x216cm) and large print area (180x100cm). There are so many possibilities with this one, both in terms of your design and how you market it to your customers, from shoppers to holiday goers to students.

Hever Sports Holdall

Another popular and striking bag is our Hever Sports Holdall, which is all about durability! It’s made from REACH compliant polyester, so it’s sure to hold up for even the most avid gym-goer or weekend traveler. The Heyer model is 57x25x25cm, with a print area of 12x8cm on the pocket. It ranges in price from £8.32 to £7.62 or lower, based on your quantity and design.


Stadium Duffle Bag

The Stadium Duffle Bag is a great all-around duffel bag with a lower price point (approximately £8.75 to £7.75). It features a main and front compartment with zip closures. With dimensions of 457x228x228cm, it’s one of the larger bags on this list. It also has double reinforced carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. Which means it would also be a great gift or product for busy parents who need to carry a lot of items or for recreation-minded customers who need to carry everything from sports equipment to picnic supplies. The print area on this one is also quite large (70x40cm), giving you plenty of room for your clever message.

If this range of great customisable gym bags isn’t enough, consider one more benefit: All of these reusable, long-lasting bags are eco-friendly in that they help your customers cut down on the need to use plastic or disposable bags for the gym or errands.

One last tip for selecting the perfect gym bag is to think about your target audience. Who are you trying to reach and how will they use the bag? For example, you might consider making a line especially for youth or women. For inspiration, see this article from Women’s Health with 21 of the best gym bags, or this post from the Independent featuring its top 11 gym bags for women.

If you find a style you like, let us know! We also take a tailor-made approach to design and make just about any bag! We hope this post helps you pick the perfect custom gym bag to help your customers train in style!