Top 3 Bag Trends for 2019

July 15, 2019

As we wrap up 2018, now is the perfect time to start thinking about product launches for 2019. A new year presents a fresh start to try out the latest trends and experiment with creative takes on classic styles. Fashion accessories, in general, are a top trend every year. Based on our conversations with our clients and our own industry research, we’d venture to say that 2019 may just be the year of the bag! In this post, we share what we think will be three top bag trends in 2019 and some ideas for how to tap into the fashion with your own customised bags.

Mini-Backpack Throwback

Remember Cher’s fluffy white mini-backpack in the mid-90’s American film, Clueless? It’s back! Mini-backpacks were a staple in the 90s, and they’re back with a petite vengeance. These adorable bags are easy to carry yet large enough to hold all your necessities. 

A related trend we picked up on is embellishments and detail, such as feathers, fringe and plumes. Incorporate this trend into your mini-backpack by using denim, leather or faux fur to enhance the bag and make your design truly unique.  Because of their smaller size, mini-backpacks present the perfect canvas for experimenting with materials, textures and designs. 

At Rocket Bags, we offer a wide range of backpacks and rucksacks in different sizes. We typically create customised backpacks for schools, clubs, banks and Blue-Chip corporates. But in adopting some of the top trends, like mini-backpacks or embellishments, you could engage an entirely new demographic this year. We offer hundreds of colours and fittings and free design support.

One suggestion is our Notebook Backpack, with a trendy, geometric cut, mélange fabric and artificial velour leather. It has a padded notebook compartment, zipper front pouch, two-way zipper, padded back and shoulder straps. Stunning, functional and oh so trendy!

Depending on your intended use, you could also design a great “concept” mini-backpack that is more memorable and fun than it is practical.

Fold-Over Tote Bag

If a traditional tote bag is a fashionable girl, the fold-over tote bag is her trendier older sister! The fold-over tote bag is a fun, fresh take on a classic and highly functional accessory. The fold-over style adds a modern flair that makes this bag perfect for both office and evening, and everything in between. We’re spotting these bags on magazine pages and also seeing people using them while shopping on the weekends. The larger size means that you can fit everything you need in one convenient and stylish bag – no more dreaded moment when you reach for your keys and realise they’re in your other bag!

At Rocket Bags, we suggest our Tote Bag in A 600D Polyester, which has one small-size zipped pocket inside. 

Messenger Bags

We’re not surprised that messenger bags are expected to be a big bag trend in 2019. They are so practical and handsome! Messenger and shoulder bags are perfect for traveling and commuting to work, especially on a bike! Harper’s Bazaar spotted this Max Mara bag on the spring/summer 2019 runway. 

As a bonus, messenger bags offer lots of opportunity for customisation. For example, you can modify the inside of the bag with different compartments, linings and pockets to hold various items like laptops, chargers and valuables. 

We have many messenger bags available for customisation, including our Brooklyn Mono-Shoulder Backpack, which adds a sporty twist to the classic messenger bag with a belt, innovative strap system and a pocket for a reusable water bottle.

What other bag trends do you expect to see in 2019? If you don’t see the perfect product on our website, don’t give up. We’re also known for our tailor-made bag service for 100 percent unique bags that often turn out to be more affordable than branded stock bags taken “off the shelf”. Either way, we’re excited to work with you to tap into all the fun bag trends this year. Please get in touch with us today!