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Which Branded Tote Bags to Bring to your Next Event

November 12, 2019
Branded Tote Bags

Branded tote bags have quickly become a favourite promotional tool amongst today’s top marketers and brand managers, and for good reason. Not only are bespoke bags cost-effective and practical, they’re also incredibly popular and highly versatile. Plus, when you add a personalised tote bag to your marketing toolkit, recipients are likely to use it long after the event ends, extending the visibility of your company or service well beyond the lifecycle of your campaign. Whether you’re planning a tradeshow, a retail campaign or a promotional giveaway, here’s just a few of the most popular options to bring to your next event. 

The Tried-And-True Favourite

No matter your industry or goal, you can’t go wrong with a classic canvas or cotton tote bag at your next event. Totes are practical, popular and they offer a tremendous amount of space for customisation. And, depending on your budget and audience aesthetics, there are many different styles to choose from in a range of bright colours and at various price points. Just pick a style, add your striking logo or a clever message and voilà! You’ve just created a cheap, cheerful and covetable item for your next campaign – it really is as easy as that. 

Tip: If the overwhelming selection is having the opposite effect and you need some direction, look for inspiration in new places, like other industry events, creative sites like Pinterest or perhaps even this Who What Wear article on 19 cool tote bags

A particularly popular option right now is our Olivia Cotton Shopper Bag. It’s made with premium grade cotton fabric, so it will stand up to repeated use over time, ensuring maximum exposure for your message. It comes in 11 different hues, and the comfortable handle straps are intentionally long enough so that it can worn over the shoulder or carried by hand. 

Branded Tote Bags

Branded totes are also a cost-effective choice for any sort of giveaway contest or charitable campaign. The World Wildlife Fund, for example, offers this set of five beautiful totes when people renew their WWF membership.

Set of Five Totes

The Eco-Friendly Option

More and more people are looking to reduce their impact on their planet, and by opting for an eco-friendly branding option, you’ll build goodwill with your customers and prospects. While all reusable bags help reduce waste from plastic, single-use options, choosing eco-friendly materials, like bamboo fibre or jute, is a good way to go. 

On top of this, migrating toward more environmentally friendly branding products is a great way to meet any corporate sustainability or ethical requirements at your company or organisation. (In other words, your board or leadership team may welcome this choice as much as your customers!)

A popular option right now is our bamboo fibre cotton shopping bag, which offers the same large area for customisation and comfortable long handles as our other cotton tote bags.

Bamboo Fibre Cotton Tote Bags

The Carry-All

Planning a corporate retreat or a large-scale exhibition? A branded carry-all tote is a great way to go. It not only offers a large surface area for your message, but your customers, employees and prospects will welcome such a handy bag to carry all of their materials during your retreat or exhibition. After your event ends, the bag lives on as a perfect carry-everywhere option for the office, gym, errands or travel. 

This non-woven carry-all tote bag is a perfect, sturdy choice. This one is actually laminated, so it’s water resistant and easily wipes clean, a nice selling point for your on-the-go recipients with children and busy schedules. The stitched quilting is a unique, fashionable detail, and the large main component offers a tremendous amount of space. It also features a smaller front pocket with a pen loop. 

Tip: When designing your bag, think about what other branding items might complement it. With this bag, for example, you could also add a customised, matching pen in the special pen loop.

Customisable Tote Bags

The Tote with a Different Take

Looking for a different take on the classic tote? Opt for a printed rucksack with drawstring straps. This is a perfect choice for tradeshows, corporate events, giveaways and retail campaigns, especially if your event has a connection to sports, travel, education, athletics or leisure, or if you plan to send your bags to recipients via the mail. All of our personalised drawstring bags and rucksacks are strong yet lightweight and available in a range of styles and colours. They’re also quite cost-effective if you’re seeking a promotional item on a budget.

This Woods Cotton and Cork Bottom Drawstring Backpack, for example, is both practical and eco-friendly. The top is made of natural cotton and the bottom is 100 percent cork panel.

Personalised Rucksack

If you’re planning any sort of corporate run or bike challenge or a sports-related campaign, we also offer a range of Goal Drawstring Backpacks. This bag features a special football compartment in addition to the main compartment.  

Football Backpack

We hope this post helps you select the perfect branded tote bag for your next event. While you’re looking at all the different options, don’t forget to think about what you’ll put in it. Check out our previous post for some creative event bag ideas, including practical, reusable water bottles, fashion-forward sunglasses and even a foldable bag-within-a-bag. 

For further inspiration, check out this post from Eventbrite with great bag ideas like “event survival kits” or desk plants. We wish you happy hunting for your next bag! Please reach out anytime for free, expert help to hone in on the ideal custom tote.