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Try These 5 Popular Totes for Your Next Promotion

February 17, 2020

Tote bags are the perfect promotional tool. You’ve probably heard us say this in other blog posts, but we repeat it because it’s true! Equally coveted amongst marketers, brands and customers, tote bags are the ideal canvas for several reasons. They’re customisable, budget-friendly, quick to produce and easy to ship, good for the environment, functional and stylish. And the list goes on. With so many options available, the only challenge (and we think it’s a big part of the fun) is determining the look and feel of your bag. Whether you’re gearing up for a tradeshow, planning a promotion or looking to add to your retail shelf, here are five popular totes that you can make your own today. 

1. For a Great Day of Shopping: The Classic Cotton Tote

A classic cotton tote gives your customers and prospects a functional and stylish way to shop or run errands. You can’t go wrong with this Emily Bag, which offers lengthy double handles for comfort and durability for your on-the-go customers. 

Timeless totes can also be produced at a minimal cost, making them a perfect choice for retail store purchases, especially as people look to reduce their use of single-use plastic bags. This Emily Bag takes it one step further; it’s made out of 100 percent organic cotton, which limits the amount of toxins involved in the production process. Given the rise in popularity of bags for life, the Emily Bag offers another key benefit: A large print area to apply your special branding or image to help your bag stand apart from the rest. The only challenge may be deciding on your design. Unleash your creativity!

tote bags

2. A Different Eco-Friendly Option: The Sadie Jute Shopper

As we mentioned, people seek eco-friendly alternatives to disposable bags. Our Sadie Jute Shopper Bag is a unique option. It’s made out of 100 percent organic jute material, which comes from a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre that is easy to grow and requires little water. This bag offers a well-structured exterior and tightly spun fabric, making it a durable option for your busy customers. Just add your logo or message to the bag for a walking, talking, environmentally-friendly advertisement for your brand, for years to come. 

eco-friendly tote

3. Need a Bag you Can Mail? Try a Foldable Tote

Do you intend to give your bag away as part of a promotional campaign or send it through the mail to customers and prospects? Consider a popular foldable cotton shopping bag,  which can easily be folded to fit the post. It’s lightweight, which will keep your delivery costs down and your customers happy. The drawstring closure on the pouch also offers a bit more security for use at busy places, like the gym or daily commute.

4. Little Details will Differentiate your Bag: Try a Zipper Tote 

One way to make your tote bag stand out is through interesting construction details, like size, shape, material and closures. This stylish Zoe Shopper Bag checks those boxes: It’s made out of our premier canvas materials for added durability; the timeless beige material offers a surprisingly modern appeal; and, the zippered front pocket provides additional room to securely store things. The zipper even matches the fabric of the bag’s face for an added touch of style. This tote-with-a-twist would be a great option for trade shows, promotions and retail locations. 

tote bags

5. When Speed is Your Need: A Sublimation Tote 

Do you have a fast-approaching campaign or product launch? Customised merchandise, like tote bags, will enhance any promotion. Many products, like this Sublimation Shopping Bag, can be designed and shipped in minimal time. Wearable items – like clothing, hats and bags – are a particularly smart choice as they extend the visibility of your campaign. As long as somebody uses your bag, it retains long-term value as a walking, talking advertisement. And the best way to ensure this continued use is to design something that is equally stylish and functional. 

This shopping bag offers full-colour sublimation printing and special coloured handles, so you can get bold and bright with your design, no matter how quickly you need to get your merchandise.

Today, there’s a tote for every need. The five bags we shared here are just some of the many stock bags we offer. If you didn’t see the right option above, we also can tailor-make the perfect bag for you, so you’re in control of everything, including the shape, size, branding, pockets, materials, straps, colours, zips and so much more. Please get in touch with us today. You’ll be one step closer to putting together the best bag possible for your campaign, giveaway or retail needs.