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6 Eco-Friendly Custom Bag Ideas

January 17, 2020

As we mentioned in our last post, a top trend in the new year among leading brands is a shift toward more eco-friendly products. A trend that we can definitely get behind, as we’ve always made a commitment to helping our clients reduce their impact on the planet. Today, more than half the growth of consumer goods comes from sustainable products, and conscious customers are also willing to pay more for such items. 

This same preference, for sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing, also extends to a company’s branded merchandise, including retail-ready custom bags. To help tap into this important eco-friendly trend, we’ve highlighted six “eco-chic” bags that will engage your conscious consumers, boost your brand visibility and expand your retail offerings for a profitable and environmentally friendly 2020. 

1. A Classic, Functional Recycled Cotton Tote

One thing that won’t go out of style in 2020 is the classic tote bag. Totes will long continue to be in demand, not only for their functionality and ease for shopping, gym or travel, but also because they serve as a durable and fashionable alternative to disposable single-use plastic bags. 

This popular Pheebs bag, made out of recycled cotton, takes this one step further. In fact, the material of the bag lends a slight colour variation to this unique tote for a distinct, authentic appearance. It will proudly carry your logo or message and a visible and positive environmental message about your brand!



eco-friendly custom bags


2. A Twist on a Timeless Classic: The Cork Tote 

Sustainable materials are a savvy choice for your products in the new year, including custom eco-chic bags. Environmentally-friendly cork is fast becoming a popular option, as with materials like organic or recycled cotton. Cork is natural, recyclable and renewable. It also lends a unique look and feel to products, to help your bags stand apart from others, even with a classic, timeless style like a tote bag. 

Our Cory cork tote bag is a go-to choice in 2020. It has a large open main compartment for a wide range of uses and features a cork panel on the bottom. It’s the perfect blend of real estate for your brand, functionality and unique sustainability.


3. A Backpack, But Better

Another sustainable option is jute, which comes from a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre that is easy to grow and requires little water. The fibre is spun into coarse, long threads for a durable, biodegradable material that can be used for various products and applications. Why not couple this great material with one of the top bag silhouettes for 2020, the iconic backpack? Backpacks, slings and rucksacks have universal appeal across all age groups and market sectors, from youth to students to professionals. 

A perfect starting place is our Organ backpack, made from a combination of jute and cotton. It’s a stylish, environmentally-friendly take on a true do-it-all bag.

eco-friendly custom bags


4. Goodbye Plastic, Hello Jute Shopper

Back in 2015, a policy required large retailers in England to charge customers a small fee for plastic bags. Since then, sales of plastic bags have dropped drastically; 90 percent fewer bags are sold now versus the number issued before the ban. It’s a promising statistic that might show we’re collectively making more conscious and sustainable decisions at the cash register. 

Our Sadie jute shopper is the perfect solution for your customers, who, now more than ever before, will welcome a durable alternative bag for shopping trips and errands. This bag combines a sustainable material with a well-structured, classic shape for feel-good durability. We like to think of it as a stylish way to do the weekly shopping, whilst protecting the planet!


eco-friendly custom bags


5. Bag the “Big” Trend with the Jones Tote

We predict 2020 to be the year of the “big” bag. These extra-large, oversized bags are not only practical and useful, they also get your custom brand or message noticed. We’ve seen them on runways and we offer a range of inspired styles, including the can’t-help-but-notice-me Jones tote, our take on an eco-chic bag that’s perfect for everyday use. It’s made from sturdy cotton with a great jute accent on the top. It has a large amount of space for your custom design, and it’s sure to get used throughout the year, from outdoor events to the market.


eco-friendly custom bags

6. Appeal to Your Audience with a Cotton Book Tote 

To identify the best bag, think about how or where your customers will likely use it. Are you creating a bag for a conference, employee event or summit in which they’ll need to receive or carry a lot of materials? Do you work with book shops, libraries or schools? Or perhaps you’re looking for a unique way to market your merchandise. Why not appeal to book clubs, a growing trend among all ages and backgrounds. Consider creating a modern, eco-friendly version of the book tote to appeal to the bibliophiles in your network! 

For example, this Harper cotton canvas bag makes for a convenient book bag with an open main compartment and a front pocket with snap closure, made out of durable and environmentally friendly cotton canvas.

eco-friendly custom bags

If you don’t see the perfect product among our stock options, we can also help you put together a totally custom eco-chic bag via our special tailor-made service – the only limit is your imagination! 

So, whether you’re drawn to the eco-chic style or simply doing your part, as a brand, to put better products into the world, we have you covered. What other materials or bags are you interested in adding to your retail or promotional strategy this year? Please get in touch with us today to see how we can create the perfect bag in a more environmentally friendly and ethical way. Your customers and the planet will thank you!