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The Best Branded Bags for Corporate Events

July 16, 2019
corporate event bags

Branded merchandise has become a necessity at today’s corporate events. Attendees often pay significant fees or have to travel to attend events; so, they expect not only a well-run conference with networking opportunities, but also helpful take-home resources and items, like conference programs, lanyards, office supplies and other branded merchandise. 

One of the top trends right now at corporate events are branded bags. As a conference giveaway, bags are an excellent tool to show appreciation for your customers and attendees. Branded bags can also help build awareness of your brand, as people will continue to use the bag long after the event is over. Whether you’re heading to a trade show, hosting a conference or planning an executive retreat, there is a perfect bag out there for you! In this post, we highlight some of the best branded bags to consider for your next corporate event.

Best Bags for Corporate Events

The Tote Bag: A Classic and Practical Option

Tote bags are an always-popular option for any event. It’s no surprise: Totes are cost-effective, practical and give your brand high visibility. They also come in a wide range of design options, from woven shopper totes to jersey materials, as well as a wide range of colours. You’re bound to find one that’s perfect for your campaign. If the overwhelming selection is having the opposite effect and you need some direction, look for inspiration in new places, like other industry events, creative sites like Pinterest or perhaps even this Who What Wear article on 19 cool tote bags

One suggestion is to use a branded tote bag to create a special goodie bag stocked full of other promotional items for people to take home from an event. This could include keyrings, business cards and other materials about your company.

Drawstring Bags: A Bag for Every Conference Theme

Practical and low-cost, drawstring bags are a great alternative to the beloved tote. Drawstring bags make a great choice for any trade show, conference or athletic event. While drawstring bags are incredibly budget-friendly, they’re also strong, lightweight and versatile ensuring repeated use and exposure well after the end of the corporate event. 

We suggest that you look for a drawstring bag that speaks to the theme of the event or a trend in the industry. For example, if your corporate event has a “green” or sustainability element to it, look for a bag that is made from recycled or organic materials. One popular option is this orergon cotton drawstring bag. Your conscious choice to provide a more eco-friendly option will not go unnoticed among attendees. 

Document Bags: A Practical and Budget-Friendly Option

If you’re hosting a two- or three-day event or longer, document bags are a must! Attendees will likely receive many materials and handouts at the event, plus they’ll need to carry other equipment like headphones or charging cords. As such, a spacious, high-quality document bag will be a most welcome addition. If you’re the organiser, consider budgeting for and giving away a branded document bag to all attendees. 

Another great option isn’t so much of a bag as it is a convenient way to carry and protect printed items at a conference or event. Consider a  branded conference folder to help your attendees carry everything in one sleek package. The unique structure of the folder – not to mention the large amount of space for your brand or design – will help your item stand apart from all other bags. One option is this non-woven document bag that comes with a notepad on the inside. You choose your own design for the cover and from a range of more than 40 colours!

Duffle Bags: Great for Multi-Day Corporate Events

Are you hosting an executive retreat or golf outing? Does your event involve any travel or overnight stay? Let your attendees carry their stuff in style with a branded duffle bag. Duffle bags are typically larger than other bags, which makes them a perfect choice for multi-day or offsite retreats. 

At 21”, a Day Duffle Bag is the perfect size for your retreat; afterward, recipients will probably find it useful for their daily commute or weekend getaway. The Day Duffle model features a wipeable tarpaulin bottom, removable shoulder strap and even a side shoe pocket for easier travel. Or, if you’re hosting an athletic event, consider a sporty duffle bag, like this Energy Duffle Bag (see below). Just look at all that potential space for your brand or message!

energy duffle bag

Laptop Bags: A Universal Favourite

To get the most mileage out of your branded bag, design one that your attendees will want to use long after your corporate event ends. Often, the best strategy here is to select the most practical or universal bag possible. Our suggestion is a laptop bag! Laptop bags are practical, useful and versatile. No longer just for carrying technical equipment, laptop bags can easily pull double duty on weekends or for short trips. 

Laptop bags are immensely popular, which means there are lots of options. The variety of choices can feel overwhelming. Try choosing a tried-and-true style like our Sendero Laptop Briefcase with a large padded main compartment, or opt for a more modern, stylish version like Echo Laptop Bag with a decorative side buckle. Another popular choice is this Echo Laptop and Tablet Backpack (see below) with an interesting vertical shape and additional organisation for phones, tech accessories and everyday essentials. 

If you’re still unsure which laptop bag is right for your corporate event, why not turn to the logical expert for inspiration: the tech community! After all, these are the folks that know the latest gadgets, how they work and the best way to store and transport equipment in our bags. Check out this Tech Advisor list of the best laptop bags in 2018 for some fun ideas.

From totes to laptop bags, we hope this post provides some clarity and inspiration to pick the perfect branded bag for your next corporate event or retreat. We’d love to hear more about the event and what you hope to get out of it. We’ll help you identify the perfect product to meet your goals and kit you out for a truly successful event!