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Ring in the New Year with Branded Fitness Bags

December 20, 2019

The new year is upon us and, with it, the time when we begin to make resolutions for the year ahead. One of the top resolutions people make is to exercise more (followed closely by related goals to lose weight, eat healthier, learn a new skill and spend more time with family). Many people will head to the gym in January in hopes of sticking to their resolution. Which makes now the perfect time to tap into the training trend and offer your customers branded fitness bags in the new year. Whether you’re a marketer looking to promote your brand at an upcoming event, a large-scale retailer or a gym owner seeking a new revenue stream, why not make your own resolution to check out any one of these fitness bag favourites in 2020?

Resolution 1: A Classic Duffle Bag

The quintessential duffel bag is always in style and thus it’s always a great choice as a promotional tool or for retail sale. The classic duffel bag is easily customised with plenty of space for not only your branding, but also whatever other products or gear you’d like to incorporate inside of it. Beyond that, it’s practical, it easily doubles as a travel bag and it’s bound to be used and seen.

If you’re looking for a higher-end duffel for retail sales, consider this unique, retro-looking Field & Co.® Campster 22” duffel with a vented side shoe compartment and removable padded shoulder strap for enhanced comfort. It’s made from wool and polyester, so it’s durable and designed to stand up to tough use for those dedicated gym goers or frequent travelers. We also have a wide range of lower-cost duffel stock bags for promotional or giveaway campaigns. 

branded fitness bags

Resolution 2: A Lightweight Drawstring Bag

Need a cost-effective yet practical option for a massive giveaway campaign or have limited budget? Resolve to look no further than a lightweight drawstring bag; it’s an ideal choice for sports or hitting the gym. On top of the low cost, we offer a wide variety of styles, materials and colours, so you could create an entire range of available options from which your customers could choose their favourite. 

Our bestselling drawstring bag is the classic Molly, a single-toned bag with matching adjustable straps. It’s crafted with a durable nonwoven fabric, and would also be an ideal choice for any sort of corporate run or ride for heavy-duty and immediate use by race participants. (On top of all that, it’s so affordable! At a quantity of 1000 bags, the cost per unit is less than £1.)

branded fitness bags

Resolution 3: A Sports Backpack

Are you trying to engage hikers, bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts? Consider a classic backpack style or opt for a sling-style version. (Though we should note that chic backpacks – which we can tailor make for you – are quite the fashion staple, especially among women.) We offer a variety of stock options, including this popular Armada sling backpack with a zippered main compartment, side mesh pocket and reinforced, padded shoulder strap for comfort.

branded fitness bags

Resolution 4: A Sports Tote

Today’s tote bag extends far beyond the weekly market run. Classic totes are also perfect for the on-the-move gym goer. The key to a good branded gym tote is the material. Opt for something that is durable, breathable and waterproof. For example, our Eliana tote bag is made out of durable and washable polyester material and features a 210D lining with a unique inside zipper pocket for more secure storage at a busy gym.

branded fitness bags

Resolution 5: Design your Own!

Our last tip is to get creative. If you have a target audience in mind, a specific bag you like from another company or just a vague vision, we can help. With our tailor-made approach to bags, we’ll advise you, at no charge, on the best type of bag to suit your needs and budget. You’re in control of everything, including the shape, size, branding, pockets, materials, straps, colours, zips and so much more. 

As we turn the last calendar page on 2019, it’s the perfect time to tap into the “resolution” market. Gyms are bound to fill up this month and well into 2020 as people resolve to get healthier and feel better. On top of this, according to a 2018 fitness industry report, we have more gyms and members than ever before. Why not resolve for a strong start to the year with a bespoke fitness bag for your customers? Please get in touch with us today to design something in time for the new years’ gym rush.