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How to Boost your Brand’s Awareness with a “Bag for Life”

September 17, 2019

“Bags for life” are exactly what the name says – durable, reusable and customisable bags that your customers will carry and use for a long, long time. Bags for life are a great way to boost your brand’s profile whilst reducing impact on the planet. 

But did you know that these sturdy, reusable bags also do so much more for your business? The right bag can help your company attract attention, perhaps as part of an engaging contest with your customers or prospective clients. Bags for life can also help you reward loyal customers and build fierce brand advocates. In this post, we dive into four key ways that you can incorporate custom bags into your marketing campaigns to make a big impact for your business this year.

Attract Attention

Reusable bags, especially shoppers or tote bags, are a great way to ensure that your brand gets seen time and time again. Remember, supermarket runs often happen multiple times throughout the week. Every time your bespoke bag is carried to the grocer (or the library, to the gym, to the beach, to the farmer’s market, anywhere!), these visible opportunities not only remind people of your helpful brand, but your customers also serve as a walking advertisement for your company or organisation.

One idea is to design a bright, multi-purpose bag that will stand out.  We offer this great, popular Panama Beach Tote, with a handy zipped main compartment for added security and peace of mind. It also offers a large surface area to really attract the most attention to your brand. 

A Bag for Life Contest

While they’re perceived as high in value, bags for life can be surprisingly low-cost. Which makes them a perfect promotional item for your next campaign. Why not consider holding a contest, either online or in-store, to encourage customer engagement and effectively build your brand?

Not sure how to plan a fun competition? Look for successful real-world examples from other brands. Get Set to Eat Fresh is a perfect example. The campaign was created in partnership with the British Olympic Association and Aldi to inspire students to cook and eat healthy, fresh food. The campaign provides lesson plans, activities and films to help young people eat better and live better.

A cornerstone of their campaign was a competition to design a bag – Aldi and Team GB challenged young people to design a bag that would inspire others to eat better. (Check out the video on their website for more on the competition and entries.) It was tremendously successful; the campaign received 30,000 design entries which helped get their brand – and their mission – in front of their target audience. 

Reward Loyalty

It takes time and money to attract customers to your brand. Rewarding loyal customers with special gifts is a proven business and marketing strategy to help retain these valuable customers. The great thing is, you can design reusable bags in a range of prices depending on your strategy. Reward new or potential customers with a lower-cost reusable bag as a welcome gift, perhaps a fun cooler bag, just in time for summer. You could provide one to everyone who makes a purchase, or you could ask that the customer joins a loyalty program or provides basic contact information in exchange for a free bag.

This is a particularly effective option for retailers. Gifting a bag to your customers will pique others’ interest when they start seeing fellow shoppers leaving the store with their attractive, functional bags. For your VIP or long-term customers, consider a special high-end bag like this hard case trolley bag with four spinner wheels and extendable handle.

And don’t forget about your other VIP customers: your staff! Keep an inventory of reusable bags on hand to gift to employees on birthdays, anniversaries or to celebrate teams that accomplish goals or milestones. We venture to guess that the seemingly small gesture will go a long way toward employee morale!

Create Brand Advocates

Here’s a sad fact: 8.1 billion single-use bags were used by supermarket customers in the UK in 2012. The good news is that this number is decreasing as customers connect their consumption habits with impact on the planet. The use of single use bags is on the decline and more people are using reusable bags. Now is the perfect time to put your brand on these in-demand and eco-friendly alternatives. 

Placing your brand on a reusable bag, especially one made from recycled or local materials, will encourage customers to identify you as a socially conscious, environmentally-friendly brand. When people feel good about the bag they have, they’ll feel good about your brand. We can help you find the perfect option! We offer a range of stylish, natural bags that fit the bill, like natural-coloured cotton bags and handsome jute bags, made from biodegradable vegetable fiber.

From attracting attention to engaging with customers to rewarding loyal customers, bags for life can be a very effective tool to boost your brand. What other goals or challenges do you have this year? We bet that we have the right bag can help you get there.

Please get in touch with us today to get started with a free consultation and design. It’s easier than you think to boost your brand with a bag for life!