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Pack it Up: Top Luggage Options to Transform your Retail Strategy

November 27, 2019

The holidays are one of the biggest times of the year for travel and shopping. In the UK, people spend over £2 billion around this time of year! Further, when it comes to what people buy, one source suggests that well over half (61%) of adults will purchase clothing and accessories around the holidays. 

If you’re a retailer, bag designer or simply looking to expand your merchandise line, now is the time to incorporate a few popular luggage designs to your store shelves or online marketplace. In this post, we share some of the top bag trends and options to help you maximise the holiday travel and shopping season and transform your retail strategy. 

1. Done-Up Duffle Bags

First up is a special duffle bag. Gone are the days of tired, low-quality duffle bags that serve only the most basic of travel needs. Today, duffle bags are incredibly popular and the perfect gift option for travelers planning weekend trips away or heading home for the holidays. 

Forbes reports on some interesting shifts in the retail industry, notably that many people are moving away from handbags to larger luggage made of technical materials. The sale of duffle bags, specifically, is up by 17%. The most popular styles today are functional and fashionable and boast smart features and design. We offer a range of custom duffel bags, including this Oxford weekend travel duffle bag. This one features a zipped large main compartment, front and side pockets, detachable and adjustable shoulder straps and carrying handles. 

Custom Luggage

Don’t just take it from us (though we do like to think we know a thing or two about bags)! Vogue reports on six “need-to-know” bag trends for 2019, one of which is an XXL tote. For even more validation, Marie Claire also calls out the large tote trend, with an emphasis on printed materials and embellishments. At Rocket Bags, we offer many ways for you to leverage these styles, not just in bag type and colour but also via flair like tassels, snap clasps and fringe details.

2. Backpacks (Especially Backpacks for Women!)

As we near the holidays, custom bags make the perfect gift for friends or family who travel. Another interesting shift is a growing move toward backpacks, and specifically, toward backpacks for women. Forbes reports that while overall sales of backpacks to men and children is down, backpack sales to women is up 15%. Leverage this luggage trend by designing a series of wholesale backpacks for men and women to help your customers travel in style.

One example is this classic backpack with a functional pull-cord closure. This one has some great details, including distressed silver hardware, front pocket with pen loop and vintage branding.

Custom Backpack

3. Laptop Bags for Lugging Gear

Laptop bags are also in high demand. Increasingly, people have an opportunity to work from home, remote offices or when traveling. As such, people need a way to protect and carry their laptops, netbooks and tablets while they travel long distances or just move to and from the office. Consider creating custom-made laptop bags as unique gifts this holiday season. We offer this popular 15.6” Echo laptop and table bag, with imitation suede details and removable and adjustable padded shoulder straps.

Custom Laptop Bags

4. Make a Goal with Sports Bags

Another interesting bag trend follows the “athleisure” fashion movement. Forbes reports that sporty bags, including duffle bags and backpacks, are no longer limited to outdoor activities. Today, they’re used as everyday bags – functional fashion pieces that are giving the traditional handbag a run for its money. We offer this beautiful line of bowling-inspired vintage sports bags with matte finish PVC and white piping – each one would be as stunning at the gym as it would be on a weekend away with friends.

Custom Luggage

And while sports bags are great for everyday use, the timing is also perfect to market a new line of gym-appropriate bags. Around this time of year, many people make a New Years’ resolution to work out more often. Take advantage of this spike in gym activity and offer a line of sports bags – they make the perfect gift for customers gearing up for a healthy start to 2020. As with backpacks, consider creating an additional line of sports bags that are better sized and suited for women. 

Lastly, while it’s always great to get your luggage samples into the hands of potential customers, don’t forget to look for online sales opportunities, too – around the holidays, nearly half (46%) of all shopping occurs online.

Do you already have an idea in mind for your bespoke luggage? If you don’t see it among our stock products, consider a tailor made bag! We can custom-make a bag based on your vision – giving you more freedom and flexibility over pre-manufactured bags. It’s also a great way to make your bags stand out, from material to size to colour to fine detailing. 

Custom Luggage

We hope this post inspires you to add a few new luggage options to your retail strategy this holiday season. Doing so might help you reach new customers, diversify your revenue and bring in more profit as we close one year and start the next. Please get in touch with us today for a free and friendly consultation. We’d love to help you transform your big idea into a big bag!