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Eco Friendly Bags

Companies and organisations have an ethical responsibility and our promotional Eco bags help them to fulfil this. Recycled, sustainable, and fair trade are among the requests that we receive and supply. All of our eco bags can be traced to the origin giving peace of mind to you and your customers.

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Custom Branded Eco-Friendly Bags

Ethical tote bags and eco-friendly bags are not only great promotional products; they also enthuse your customers to greater loyalty.

Recent years have seen an unprecedented growth in environmental awareness. In response, businesses around the world are becoming more eco-friendly. We see this every day – from multi-use towels in hotels to paper straws in fast food outlets, bags for life in supermarkets to paperless offices, and more.

People love companies that are eco-friendly, which is a major reason why they love our eco-friendly bags.

Eco-friendly bags and environmentally-friendly tote bags are great promotional products and help to reinforce your brand’s green credentials. And this is great for business. Studies have found that around nine in 10 people will be more loyal to, and trusting of, a company that supports environmental issues.

Eco-Friendly Bags – Promoting Your Brand’s Environmental Credentials

Promoting your brand with eco-friendly bags reinforces your commitment to environmental values. Each time your customers pick up and carry an ethical tote bag with your logo upon it, they are reminded of your desire to help the world around you.

Recycled tote bags reduce the need to use single-use, environmentally destructive bags. This helps conserve non-renewable resources. Over time, your brand becomes synonymous with the effort to make the world a greener planet.

An eco-friendly tote bag can last several years. Green, clean and reliable. What can say more about your company and its goals?

Usefulness of Eco-Friendly Bags Promotes Daily Use

An eco-friendly bag is a promotional gift that will be used regularly. Your customers will use them to go shopping or to carry other items.

This makes them ideal for promotional purposes. Wherever your customer carries an eco-friendly tote bag with your logo emblazoned upon it, your brand is seen by others. Potentially thousands of others.

When your customers use their recycled tote bags daily, your brand is promoted daily – far and wide.

Your customers will be reminded of your values each time they use their eco-tote bag. Your name will become more recognised, and your name will become associated with environmentally-friendly practices. This will help to improve trust and loyalty in your brand. This recognition will pay off, as customers will make buying decisions because of the connection your brand has with their green values.

What Makes Eco-Friendly Bags from Rocket Bags so Very Special?

Our eco-friendly bags are all traceable to their origin. They benefit from environmental qualities such as being recycled, sustainable and fairtrade. This helps to give you and your customers peace of mind. But this isn’t all that makes eco-friendly bags from Rocket Bags so very special.

When you purchase eco-friendly tote bags from Rocket Bags, you benefit from investing in high-quality promotional products.

Our bags are manufactured from a variety of green materials – including cotton, jute, canvas and papyrus paper. These natural, hard-wearing materials are sourced from sustainable supplies, and help provide exceptional environmental-friendly durability.

Branded eco-friendly bags are the ideal alternative to single-use plastic bags in supermarkets. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and strong.

Available in a range of styles – from duffle bags, drawstring bags, long or short handles and backpacks – the choice offered lets you connect better with your target customers.

Their larger surface areas make these eco-friendly bags perfect to carry your logo and/or marketing message – helping all passers-by to associate your name and remember your brand.

Multi-Use, Functional Eco-Friendly Bags with Huge Appeal

Our recycled tote bags are attractive to look at, comfortable to use, and extremely functional.

They fold easily – making them ideal to keep in a bag for that unplanned shopping trip. Handles are resilient and comfortable, making the bags painless to carry. Made from durable materials, these eco-friendly bags last, meaning they will be used for years to come. Their standing as a fashion accessory makes them a go-to item for many of your customers.

The Perfect Promotional Product

The large area of the bag lets you print your brand’s logo and message in a size that can be read and recognised. And you know that they will be used, and will reinforce your environmental credentials. They will be kept a long time and used repeatedly.

Eco-friendly bags:

  • Are loved by your customers
  • Help create and grow brand awareness
  • Help build customer loyalty
  • Will spread your marketing message for years to come
  • Position you as a company with real environmental values

They are ideal as giveaways at store openings, trade fairs, job shows and more. You can use them as standalone or as a pack that includes promotional products such as pens, diaries, or healthcare products.

We Have Created Custom Branded Promotional Bags for These Well-Known Brands:

Some of the Reasons Why We Do Bags Better

  • 30 years Experience

    When you choose Rocket Bags, you can look forward to the kind of service and expertise that only comes with supplying promotional bags for more than 30 years.

  • Lowest Price Guarantee

    We offer the UK’s best prices (amongst ISO 9001 companies), guaranteed. If you manage to find a better price, we’ll happily refund double the difference.

  • Quality Guarantee

    If your branded bags aren’t up to the same standard as your approved sample, we’ll get them re-manufactured or returned for a full credit.

  • On-time Guarantee

    Rest assured, your branded bags will arrive on-time – or we’ll provide you with a full refund, as long as you’ve signed off on the order confirmation.

  • Free Design

    You’ll have access to our talented in-house design studio to help you design your custom branded bag – for free!

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