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How to Create the Perfect Event Gift Bag

August 12, 2019

It’s become common practice today to gift attendees with special gifts they can take home after an event. Rather than handing out single items, a great way to share your merchandise is to package multiple items into a handy gift bag. A great gift bag can help your company establish relationships, build buzz and inspire action and follow-up. Putting together a perfect bag is also a great opportunity to get creative, with both a memorable bespoke bag and the special items you place inside. Here, we share a few ideas and tips to create a killer gift bag for your next event.

Tips to Create a Great Event Gift Bag

Start with a great bag.

The best event bag is creative, practical and memorable. But how do you pick one that ticks all those boxes and stays within your budget? At Rocket Bags, we offer a tremendous range of bags to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect style to meet your needs. Here’s a few points to consider when making your selection.

  • Make sure your bag is aesthetically pleasing. Look for something that your attendees will feel good carrying around. If you select a high-quality, fashion-forward bag, your attendees will be more likely to use it, which will extend the exposure of your brand long after the event ends.
  • One tip is to stick to classic designs, like a durable and handy tote bag, which never goes out of style. After the end of your event, it does double duty as a reusable bag for shopping.
  • Make sure your bag fits with your branding. Do you want to include a message along with your logo? Look for a bag that has enough space to fit your design without being too busy. With event gift bags, aim for something right in the middle: don’t select a bag that is too small or too large or attendees may find it cumbersome. This Malibu Shoulder Bag is a great option as it has a large face for your branding and message. The strap makes it easy for attendees to carry around and the unique vertical shape will help your bag stand apart from others. It also has a zipped front pocket to keep items safe and secure while dashing around the event floor.
  • Think about your industry or the theme of the event when picking a bag. Perhaps you work for a sports or recreation company. Consider a fun and sporty duffel bag or an all-purpose drawstring bag. Attendees might find this useful for trips to the gym or short excursions. Or is there a “green” or sustainability focus? Consider a bag like this Varai cotton canvas tote that is made from all-natural, environmentally friendly material.

Give practical items.

Make sure you fill your event bag with practical products that people will use, like stationary, desk accessories, pens or technology-related items. An Eventbrite article makes a great point that if you gift things that people have no use for, your merchandise is likely to just end up in the rubbish. One rule of thumb to follow is to make at least half of your items functional while the other half can be more fun or playful.

One popular piece of practical merchandise is a mousepad, the perfect canvas for your logo! Because it’s likely to be used on a daily basis, your company is sure to stay top of mind among your attendees. And remember, the merchandise you select will be seen as an extension of your company. Ensure that people respect your brand by selecting high-quality and useful items. In turn, you’ll demonstrate to attendees that your company is equally professional, thoughtful, innovative and fun!

Add some wow!

While half of your items will be functional, the other half should really wow your attendees! Plan to include a few items that have a definite cool factor and high perceived value. One idea is a luxury keyring, like this example below. 

Another tip is to include some quick wins. The obvious item is something tasty. After all, who doesn’t love free food, especially during long, hectic event days. Consider finishing off your event bag with some consumables that people can dive into right away. Make your treat oh-so-sweet by customising it! We can help you add your logo to everything from lollies to jelly’s to chocolates, like this UK-manufactured Neapolitan chocolate in dark or milk chocolate.  

Another practical quick-win is lotion or chap stick.  As with consumables, these items can be used by attendees the instant they’re received. Just picture your logo on one of these brightly coloured Vanilla White Lip Balm Sticks. Are you hosting your event in a sunny or tropical location? Consider a beneficial lip balm that contains SPF protection!

All of these items are great things to keep in stock at your office, in general. They can be used on countless occasions throughout the year to welcome new customers, thank your staff or celebrate milestones in your business. One last practical tip is to be sure to include some marketing materials, brochures or business cards in your  bag so that attendees can easily reach you. 

For more ideas, the same Eventbrite article suggests 13 unique swag bag ideas to consider, including self-care kits, beer glasses and phone chargers. We can help you create branded versions of these and many other fun yet functional items. 

Lastly, we suggest doing some additional research on what others in your industry are doing. Or ask yourself this: what was the last product that you got that you absolutely loved? We’d love to hear more about it, too! Please get in touch with us today to get started on a killer gift bag for your next event.