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5 Reasons Personalised Totes are the Perfect Promo Tool

July 9, 2019
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Here at Rocket Bags, we certainly know our bags! We offer a wide range of customisable bag styles, like backpacks, cooler bags, travel bags and laptop bags. But one of our most consistently popular styles is the classic tote bag. 

Totes are typically unfastened fabric bags with long handles, ideal for shopping and carrying on the shoulder. It’s no surprise that tote bags have become a must-have item in every good promotional arsenal. They’re cost-effective, functional, versatile and perfect for building brand awareness. With a huge choice of materials, styles, sizes and colours, we’re sure to have the perfect tote bag for your company or brand. In this post, we articulate what we think are the top five reasons why you should consider personalised totes for your next campaign. 

Five Reasons to Use Personalised Totes as a Promotional Tool

Personalised tote bags are budget-friendly. 

Personalised totes are relatively low in cost to produce, yet they pack a big punch. Because you can design and manufacture totes at a low price-point, they make the perfect giveaway item at conferences or events. 

One idea is to use a personalised tote bag to create a special goodie bag stocked full of other promotional items for people to take home from an event. This could include keyrings, coupons and other materials about your company. You could also include tote bags as part of a sales campaign, gifting a bag to customers who spend over a certain amount or who buy a certain product. Not only is this a classy touch, but it’s memorable. Such a gesture has been proven to increase brand loyalty. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to say thanks to your loyal customers. Who doesn’t love a freebie?!

One budget-friendly suggestion is our Elm Mini Tote Bag, an adorable smaller-size bag that is ideal for use as a gift bag (see photo below). We can produce the Elm mini bags for as little as £1.08, depending on quantity ordered. Or, for a more classic tote size, consider the Ningbo Shopping Tote Bag or the Maryville Shopping Tote Bag with longer handles. Ningbo bag is available in beige, and Maryville is available in a wide range of colours.

Tote bags get seen.

Another reason for the popularity of tote bags is their high visibility. Tote bags have become a mainstay of the UK’s High Street. From hand-printed designs to limited edition and branded totes, we see these fashion-forward bags everywhere, and the trend won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Unlike keyrings or badges, tote bags have a significantly larger surface area to more prominently feature your brand logo or message. In this way, the large print area is much more likely to get noticed. 

We suggest a fun message or vibrant design that people will be proud to broadcast by carrying your bag while out and about. Consider a fashion-forward bag like our Snap Roll-Up Buttoned Tote Bag, a foldable and environmentally friendly eco-tote with a contrast front pocket (see photo below).

Tote bags are practical.

There’s not many items more functional than a high-quality, reusable tote bag. Think about how many times you see people carrying reusable totes every day, from the trolley to the market to the workplace. 

An article in the Independent suggests that since a 2015 plastic bag charge of 5p came into effect, reusable “bags for life” have become second nature. You can tap into this familiarity and function and use a personalised tote bag to accomplish your exposure and visibility goals. One of our most practical totes we offer is the Scrunchy Shopping Tote Bag, a lightweight bag with a matching pouch for easy storage. 

In general, tote bags are functional and multi-use. They’re sturdy and are a trendier alternative than carrier bags. In our more than 25 years of experience, we know that the only limit to how you use tote bags is your imagination. For example, you could design and gift tote bags as a special welcome to new staff members at your company, or you could encourage different teams to design their own special edition totes as part of a bonding or team building activity.


Tote bags are versatile. And funny!

Tote bags present a tremendous opportunity to get creative with your design and message and put together a memorable bag that people will want to re-use. Especially in a competitive market, originality can be a true differentiator. One idea is to create a collectible set of themed bags in varying colours. Or, create a quirky hashtag to print on the bags and encourage customers to share pictures of it on social media.

Another idea is to create a line of tote bags to support a sports team, be it a small local group, a school club or even a professional team. Here’s an example of a customised tote gym bag that is sold on the official Chelsea F.C. online store. 

Totes bags are good for the environment. 

The Independent suggests that while plastic bags have existed for only about 50 years, it could take them up to 1,000 years to fully decompose. Your customers are increasingly eco-aware and are seeking environmentally friendly alternatives. Tote bags are durable and reusable, making them the perfect replacement for plastic carrier bags. You’ll also help your customers save money as they won’t be charged for using single-use bags. Plus, the more that people use them, the more your brand will get noticed, over and over!

A few products we really like are the Pheebs Recycled Cotton Tote Bag , which is made from recycled cotton or the Mumbay Tote Bag, a large and environmentally friendly tote made from natural jute (see photo below). 

What other reasons do you have for designing a tote bag this year? We’d love to hear them! Or, are you interested in one of our many other bag styles? We are here to help every step of the way. No matter what you’re interested in, don’t forget that we offer our always-free design service on all of our bags.

Please get in touch with our friendly experts at Rocket Bags to get started today!