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3 Ways to Design your Own Custom Bags

July 25, 2019
design custom bags

At Rocket Bags, our goal is to make designing a custom bag as fun, creative and easy of a process as possible. For our first-time customers, we recognise that it can be hard to know where to start. You might be asking yourself, what type of bag should I make? How much will it cost? Will the design look good? These are all great questions! When it comes to designing your own bespoke bag, you have plenty of options and access to our expert support. For example, you can start from scratch with a totally original design, or you can work with us to recreate a bag design that you’ve seen elsewhere. In this post, we outline three ways that you can get started with designing your own custom bag with Rocket Bags, no matter where you’re at in the design process.

Three Routes for Designing a Custom Bag

I’m starting from scratch.

Does this sound like you: I have a vision or idea for my bag, but I need to firm up some of the details, perhaps the material, size or some of the embellishments like pockets or straps. Perfect! We love helping our customers transform an idea into a design that you can review and approve. As part of our always-free design service, you’ll connect with our experts for early conversations to create the perfect custom bag design from the get go. Our friendly designers will work with you on your concept to choose the size, shape and everything right on down to the right type of zipper!

If you want to create something from scratch but are still at a loss for ideas, seek inspiration from creative outlets such as Etsy or Pinterest. Perhaps start with Who What Wear’s preview of 2019 spring and summer handbag trends including this fantastic wine-cooler handbag. We do love a good design challenge!

I want to recreate the design of a bag that I love.

Have you seen the perfect bag out there? Perhaps it’s your own personal bag that you use on weekends or while running errands. Have you seen something in magazines or on television that you thought was just right? Or maybe one of your competitors have created a great customised bag, and you want to do the same. When it comes to designing your own custom bag, these are all great places to start!

We often work with our customers to replicate bag designs. This can be an exact reproduction of a bag, or it can be adding your own stylish spin on an existing bag through enhancements like straps or contrasting materials. Simply send our design team a picture of the bag and we’ll put together a design concept for you. It really is that easy! Once we have your picture, we’ll also walk you through some customisation options that maybe you hadn’t even yet considered.

One such consideration might be an interesting shape that you hadn’t thought of. For example, we love this adorable tennis bag, which would be a perfect shape for any sort of sports-related event or campaign.

custom tennis bag

We’re also conscious of your budget and will work to provide the best service at the best price. In general, here’s how we’ll turn your idea into a brilliant bag:

  1. We’ll meet up with you in person or over the phone to discuss your bag and your budget.
  2. Based on the image you supply, we’ll convert or produce a free design and artwork in our studio.
  3. You can review, tweak and select the design you like best.
  4. We’ll supply a quote for your design.
  5. You place the order.
  6. If you would like, you can receive a pre-production sample for review.
  7. Once you’re happy, we ethically manufacture and deliver your special bags!

I have my own design.

Are you creative? A budding artist or fashionista, perhaps? You might have already sketched out the design of your bag, which is great. When you come to us with your own design, we ensure that its manufactured to your specific requirements so that you get the exact bag you want. We can help you pick the best materials to really bring life to your design, from the ideal materials to fun, small finishing touches. We can even produce a sample for you so that you can see the final product before you order your bags on a larger scale. Talk about peace of mind! 


No matter where you’re at in the design process, we aim to make it easy and fun to produce a custom bag. We’ve honed our services over the last 30 years to give you the options, peace of mind and support you need to create the perfect bag that meets your budget.

We can’t wait to hear more about your ideas. Please get in touch with us today to get started.