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Promotional tote bags are ideal for shopping and/or carrying on the shoulder. With a huge choice of material, styles, sizes and colours our range of tote bags is sure to contain the perfect product for your company, campaign or brand.

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Custom Tote Bags to Boost Your Brand

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Considering the extensive use of tote bags in today’s world, custom tote bags have become an outstanding marketing tool. Whether at a conference, event or product launch, a tote bag with your branding offers your customers and employees a physical reminder of your organization, while turning them into brand ambassadors with every use. At Rocket Bags, we are in the business of breathing new life into your brand with our promotional tote bags. 

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Promotional Tote Bags for Your Brand

While custom printed tote bags are a relatively modern promotional device, tote bags have been around in one way or another for centuries. However, it was in the 1940s when the totes we know today were developed. American outdoor brand L. L. Bean introduced the tote as a means of transporting ice, but people soon realised that these large, strong bags had greater potential than simple ice carriers.

Over the next 80 years, tote bags became common for everyday use. From shopping to days out, tote bags are seen everywhere from the grocery store to the gym to the beach. 

The name tote simply means ‘to carry’, which is an appropriate name considering the versatility of this bag style! With a generous capacity and large opening, they are excellent for holding everything from groceries to shoes. In the 21st century, totes remain the ultimate everyday bag – and that’s why a tote bag custom designed for your brand can be such a powerful marketing tool.

Choose Rocket Bags: Experience, Quality, and Value

If you are looking for custom tote bags for your brand, you have come to the right place. At Rocket Bags, you can enjoy working with an experienced team that will listen to your needs, pair you with the right bag, and stick to your budget requirements.

Choose Classic Tote Bag Styles

Over the past 80 years, tote bag styles have remained relatively true to the originals. After all, why fix something that isn’t broken? However, while the core design is similar, tote bags have definitely seen some evolution.

For example, many bags feature gussets, which enables expansion for extra storage space. Others may sport a top zipper to protect the internal contents from the environment. You will also find promotional tote bags with small inner and outer pockets to allow for subtle storage of items such as keys, cards, phones and cash. It’s all built in to make life easier for the end user.

Totes That Tread Lightly on the Environment

Choosing the right material for your custom printed tote bags is important, particularly in such an eco-conscious world. At Rocket Bags, we provide an extensive selection of eco-friendly fabrics such as recycled cotton, recycled denim, recycled canvas, organic bamboo fibre cotton, and biodegradable bags made from natural jute and hemp fibres. So, whether you want custom printed jute bags or custom printed canvas tote bags with your branding, you’ll find them with us.

Additionally, you will find many bags made from rPET fabric – ‘recycled polyethylene terephthalate’ made from post-consumer/industrial sources (such as used plastic bottles), some with AWARE™ tracer technology to validate the genuine use of recycled materials.

Your Tote, Your Way

At Rocket Bags, we have a huge catalogue of stock tote bags that are ready for your branding and message. However, even after browsing our range, you may not find something that resonates with you. Perhaps you want a different material, style, colour or features. This is when you should opt for a tote bag custom designed from scratch. Our tailored totes are made specifically for you and can often cost less than a stock bag. Whether you want bespoke jute bags for gift giving or huge zippered bags for shopping, no idea is too big for our team.

Totes Trusted By Big Names

Over the years, Rocket Bags has worked on custom tote bags for companies in all industries, including for many respected brands and household names in the UK and beyond. In recent years, we have proudly partnered with brands such as British Gas, Pfizer, Marks & Spencer, Capita, and Aston Martin to work on a range of promotional bags. 

Start Your Custom Tote Bag Journey

Through the last 30 years, we have delivered bespoke printed tote bags to an ever-expanding list of satisfied customers – and you can join them.

Whether you want bespoke cotton bags, jute bags or a bag made with completely unique materials, simply reach out to our expert team today. Our seasoned account managers each have more than a decade of experience in the industry and are on hand to assist you.

All you need to do to get started is fill out a quote request or call us today. Your custom tote bags will be hitting the high street before you know it!

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Not sure which bag will best suit your needs and budget?

Our knowledgeable account managers have been helping UK brands find the best brandable bags for their business for 10+ years each. Get in touch or fill out a quote request and we´ll quickly help you find the bag that´s right for you.

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Custom Printed Tote Bags – The Gifts That Keep Giving Back

Custom printed tote bags are a great choice for business promotion. Their astonishing versatility is matched by their multigenerational appeal and their status as a fashion statement – making them a popular choice for use time and time again.

Each time your custom printed tote bags are used, it’s a chunk of new promotion for your business. The gift of a printed tote bag really is the gift that keeps on giving back to your marketing strategy.

Your Customer Loves a Printed Tote Bag

The appeal of a printed tote bag has rocketed in recent years. We’re becoming far more conscious of the ecological disaster that throwaway plastic bags are causing. The durability of your promotional cotton bags and bespoke canvas bags makes them ideal ‘bags for life’ that owners will take with them everywhere.

A tote bag’s size and strength make it ideal for shopping trips. Small and large items can be carried easily. Weighty items are not a problem. An almost unbreakable and useful bag that is eco-friendly and always in fashion – whoever heard of such a thing!

Next time you are out and about, look around you. Tote bags are popular. Maybe second only to shoes!

On Promotional Tote Bags, Your Name Gets Seen

For businesses that want their name seen and their brand recognised, the size of tote bags provides an exceptional promotional canvas. The surface area is huge, meaning you have the space to have meaningful marketing messages printed on them. Messages that will be read.

Here at Rocket Bags, we offer readymade bags in a variety of colours ready for tote bag printing. Or, if you prefer, we can work with you to create 100% custom printed tote bags: tailor-made bags to your specifications. You choose the shape, size, colour and material, and supply us with your marketing message. We’ll create the tote bags that deliver.

Bespoke Canvas Bags to Promotional Cotton Bags, and Everything in Between

It’s not only the quality of the tote bag printing and your message that will help improve awareness of your brand, it’s the quality if the bag.

The material you choose will say much about you. That’s why we don’t focus on a single material. With Rocket Bags, your choice ranges from canvas to cotton, and includes bamboo fibre, jute, polyester, and Tyvek® (a lightweight, versatile, durable and resilient material developed by DuPont).

This wide range of materials means that you can choose the one that will most appeal to your customers and their needs – making your promotional tote bags even more likely to be carried, seen and remembered.

Get a Handle on Custom Tote Bags

Of course, a bag is nothing if it cannot be carried easily. You’ll find that custom tote bags from Rocket Bags satisfy even the harshest carrying, with a range of handle types and styles to provide practicality and appeal.

Our tote bags include slim cotton shoulder straps that are ideal for casual shopping trips. Or you may prefer tote bags with short handles and drawstring closures. Double handles – incorporating both short and long – add extra versatility, while our Jaime Wooden Handled Shopping Bag adds a touch of luxury to a shopper’s retail therapy session.

Custom Tote Bags – On Trend and On Target

It’s true to say that tote bags are a forever fashion item. It’s also true that they are on trend in all the right places that you want to reach your target audience.

Custom tote bags are especially popular with people walking around towns and cities. Create a design that pops, and your custom printed tote bags will be the bag of choice for shoppers to take with them, and will be certain to turn the heads of all passing by.

It’s not only shoppers who are attracted by the strength, size and versatility of personalised tote bags.

They are perfect for carrying schoolbooks, laptops, gym clothes and towels, and as carry-on bags when flying abroad.

You’ll see them at the beach, in picnic areas, and hung on the backs of chairs in cafés and coffee shops. In short, people carry custom tote bags everywhere where there are masses of potential customers.

It’s easy to understand why tote bags have become the most popular promotional item. One that will never fall out of favour.

We Guarantee to Maximise the Benefit from Personalised Tote Bags

When you choose Rocket Bags as your supplier of personalised tote bags, you immediately start to maximise the benefits – because our bags come with a market-leading lowest price guarantee. We don’t think you’ll find this guarantee anywhere else on tote bags in the UK:

“If you find a better price than our offer among the UK’s ISO 9001 companies, we’ll happily refund double the difference.”

But our price guarantee isn’t the only way we help you maximise the marketing benefits from personalised tote bags.

You’ve already read about the wide range of styles, materials and handles we supply. And it’s true that our tote bags help you to help the environment in several ways. We go further still.

We make certain that your eye-popping logo and/or memorable marketing message is enhanced by detail-oriented printing or embroidery. We know that the quality of our product reflects on the quality of your brand. So, here’s another guarantee for you:

“If your branded bags aren’t up to the same standard as your approved sample, we’ll get them re-manufactured or returned for a full credit.”

Of course, you’ll only receive the maximum benefit of the tote bags you order if they arrive to you on time. There’ll be no horror stories when you order from Rocket Bags. Yes, you’ve guessed it – we even guarantee this, too:

“Your branded bags will arrive on time – or we’ll provide you with a full refund, as long as you’ve signed off on the order confirmation.”

Three guarantees that ensure you get the best product, at the best price, at the right time – or at least your money back. But these guarantees, combined with the range of our product line, aren’t the only reasons we are the UK’s leading bag manufacturer.

A Professional Design for Your Printed Promotional Bags – Free

What better way to make your printed promotional bags stand out than to have a bespoke design? The problem is that you don’t have a professional bag designer in your company.

Problem solved! We’ll give you access to our talented in-house design studio to help you design your promotional bags for free. Imagine the extra value this could add to your marketing campaign. You get:

  • A unique design
  • The perfect colour
  • The most suitable material

Even better, a custom designed tote bag could cost less than a stock bag!

(Get in touch to find out more with a free consultation)

Why Promotional Tote Bags, and Why Rocket Bags?

Let’s run through why promotional tote bags are the most popular promotional item one last time:

  • Their size, strength and versatility make them ideal for a wide range of uses
  • They are available in a range of materials, and so are highly adaptable
  • The choice of designs is huge – or you can design your own with the help of our team
  • Their size gives you a large surface area for your logo and marketing messages – guaranteeing impact
  • People use tote bags everywhere – your promotional tote bags could go global!

You’re sold on promotional tote bags. Here’s how Rocket Bags will help you maximise our undoubted promotional benefits:

The design and ordering process is easy with Rocket Bags

  • We guarantee the lowest price among the UK’s ISO 9001 companies
  • >We guarantee quality
  • We guarantee on-time delivery

If we don’t deliver on time, price or quality, we’ll refund you in line with the conditions of our guarantees.

Your Tote Bags, Your Way, in 5 Days!

Ordering Tote Bags from Rocket Bags couldn’t be easier. Simply get in touch, and tell us how you would prefer to communicate – by email or in person (yes, a real-life person on the end of a phone!).

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm.

We'll get back to you within two hours, and start the ball rolling. If you have your artwork prepared and know the style of personalised tote bag you wish to order, our delivery times are as little as five days.

We’ll explain how to upload your artwork, and talk to you about design options.

Alternatively, you can use our Quick Quote contact form:

  • Simply click on the green 'QUICK QUOTE' button in the top right-hand corner of this page.
  • Then, fill in the details requested.
  • Upload your artwork onto the form.
  • Click the green 'Your Details' button.
  • Fill in your details.
  • Click on the green 'SEND ME A QUOTE' button.

Contact us today. You could have your tote bags, your way, in as little as five days.

We Have Created Custom Branded Promotional Bags for These Well-Known Brands:

Some of the Reasons Why We Do Bags Better

  • 30 years Experience

    When you choose Rocket Bags, you can look forward to the kind of service and expertise that only comes with supplying promotional bags for more than 30 years.

  • Lowest Price Guarantee

    We offer the UK’s best prices (amongst ISO 9001 companies), guaranteed. If you manage to find a better price, we’ll happily refund double the difference.

  • Quality Guarantee

    If your branded bags aren’t up to the same standard as your approved sample, we’ll get them re-manufactured or returned for a full credit.

  • On-time Guarantee

    Rest assured, your branded bags will arrive on-time – or we’ll provide you with a full refund, as long as you’ve signed off on the order confirmation.

  • Free Design

    You’ll have access to our talented in-house design studio to help you design your custom branded bag – for free!

Need help deciding?

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Our 100% tailor-made bags are custom designed for your brand and can be even cheaper than branding a stock bag!