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    • sellotape
    • river island
    • metro
    • Capita
    • deutschebank

Bags that perfectly meet your specific need!

  • Bags that perfectly suit your specific needs, while 100% consistent with your brand.

  • Our specialist in-house design team has been designing custom-made bags for more than 30 years. So when it comes to turning your idea into reality, you're working with the best - for free!

  • Perfect custom-made bags can often be more affordable than branded stock bags that are taken 'off the shelf' - we'll show you how!

  • We've perfected our processes to make sure that your entire experience will be simple and straightforward.

Denim-made bags, made easy!

  1. Step Denim Made Bags

    1. Free Consultation

    Once we understand your goals, we'll suggest how we can perfectly design and manufacture your bag - all within budget!

  2. Step Denim Made Bags

    2. Free Design

    The UK's most experienced bag designers will design your one-of-a-kind concept.

  3. Step Denim Made Bags

    3. Sample

    We'll create a real production sample, so you can provide feedback before we start production.

  4. Step Denim Made Bags

    4. Create and Deliver

    We'll look after all the logistics as we deliver your very own quality-guaranteed custom-made bags!

Frequently asked questions

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