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10 Tradeshow Worthy Totes for your Next Event

September 11, 2019

We’re approaching autumn, and event space is rapidly filling up, it must be… tradeshow season! Corporates and organisations representing nearly every industry are beginning to plan and host tradeshows at this time of year. Is your business among them?

If so, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your tradeshow merchandise. We’ve been working in the business of promotional merchandise for 25 years and one thing we’ve come to know is that tote bags are a tremendous addition to your next event or booth. They’re practical, visible and low-cost and will help showcase your brand during and beyond your event. In this post, we share ten tradeshow-worthy tote bags to consider.

Top 10 Totes for your Next Tradeshow

1) You can’t go wrong with a classic. Try a tried-and-true tradeshow bag with full-colour printing.

There’s a reason that classic looks never go out of style. No matter the size, location or theme of your event, you can’t go wrong with a timeless, functional tote bag. This one features a classic shape with black trim, carry handles and full colour printing. Play it safe while playing up your brand!

2) Grab attention with a colorful, yet cost-effective option.

For an easy eye-catching detail, amp up the colour of your tote. This premium, natural-coloured cotton tote has a classic shape with long handles but comes in a variety of vibrant colours to help your tote stand out. You might even consider applying your design to a range of colours, so your attendees can select their favourite. 

3) Think big for people that carry around a lot of loot. 

Tradeshow attendees collect a lot of stuff, including materials, samples and swag from other presenters. Selecting a large tote is a brilliant move to help people, well, tote their goodies for the duration of the event! This large tote bag actually folds flat, making it easy to transport to and from your tradeshow, or even to send in the mail after the event to follow up on new leads.

4) Go green with an environmentally friendly option. (This one has space for a reusable water bottle, too!)

Environmentally-friendly totes are a welcome trend for our planet and your attendees. Consumers are increasingly seeking eco-friendly reusable bags to replace single use plastic bags. Tradeshow attendees will welcome a durable, reusable bag, especially one that’s made from recycled materials. This tote bag is made from party recycled polypropylene and comes with a handy side pocket for a reusable water bottle. You could even design a custom bottle to match your bag for a perfect pairing of eco-friendly event merchandise!

5) Long days? Try this versatile cotton tote that can be carried in the hands or on the shoulder. 

Does your tradeshow take place over multiple days? Or at various locations? Do you anticipate a lot of swag or materials for attendees? Do your attendees a favour and design a bag that not only holds a lot of loot but is versatile and comfortable for long periods of time. This unique Verona cotton tote bag doubles as both a classic over-the-shoulder tote bag and a backpack.

6) What happens after the show? Look for a tradeshow tote that can pull double duty.

All great tradeshows must come to an end. Think about how your attendees could use your bag after the event. After all, the more your bag is carried around, the more visibility you’ll raise for your brand. To get the greatest longevity from your bag, design it with the future in mind. This simple, striking Lighthouse tote bag, for example, would not only make a perfect tradeshow bag but would be a perfect bag for the beach or a picnic. You could even include some clever messaging along the lines of, I love BRAND but I’d rather be enjoying it on the beach!

7) What about an eco-friendly bag that is also highly functional? This one holds up to 10 oz of stuff! 

We mentioned a consumer desire for eco-friendly reusable bags above. Why not pick a “green” bag, but make it big? We offer a durable canvas tote that is made from all-natural environmentally friendly cotton canvas and holds up to 10 oz. It also has a handy side pocket and natural cotton webbing handles to stand up to repeated use and heavy loads. Think about all the potential uses (and brand exposure) with this bag – at the market, to and from the gym, while commuting to work and so on.

8) Got a lot to say? Try this durable, cotton option with a huge print area.

Have the perfect slogan or message to feature at your tradeshow? You’ll need a large area to say it. This gusseted tote bag features a large print area of 22 x 21 cm on both the front and back.

Here’s another tip: If you’re focusing on a clever message, why not focus on the funny? Imbuing your marketing strategy with humor could have added benefits for your bag. A Forbes article suggests that naturally colorful humor is attention grabbing, more likely to be shared and more human and relatable. It’s also linked to higher recall, so your message may be more likely to be remembered if it’s funny!

9) Another option for a large, environmentally eco-tote.

Eco-friendly totes are an especially good choice if your event has a “green” or sustainability focus. This Dargate jute bag is made from a long shiny vegetable fiber that’s produced from plants. The fiber is spun into coarse and strong threads that can be used for various products and applications, and the natural jute fibers are biodegradable. At 38 x 37 cm, this great big bag is a natural natural choice for your event and your conscious customers.

10) Appeal to the fashion forward with this unique, stylish jersey tote.

Last but not least, don’t forget about your fashion forward tradeshow attendees. If your event has a retail, fashion or travel focus, consider a tote bag that is equally stylish and functional. This polyester jersey tote is a great choice; it’s made from fine jersey material that is pleasant to the touch and to the eyes. Tote bags, in general, are a stylish choice this tradeshow season – a recent article in Rank & Style says that tote bags as today’s must-have accessory!

We hope this list gives you a starting place to select the perfect tradeshow tote this event season. Have a different idea for your conference bag? We can design something entirely custom for you, too. No matter what bag you go with, consider stuffing it with other great event materials and merchandise, like brochures, coupons, keyrings and desk accessories like customised pens and notebooks.

Please get in touch with us today to put it all together in plenty of time for your next tradeshow.